A meeting of experts in the field of network technologies at the CESNET e-Infrastructure Conference is approaching.

On Tuesday, April 20th, 2021, starts the CESNET e-Infrastructure Conference, a traditional meeting of experts in the field of network technologies, high-performance computing and data storage. At the conference, the CESNET Association presents its current services as well as news from its own research and development. This year's event takes place in accordance with anti-epidemic measures on-line and will last three days.
During Tuesday morning's block, conference participants will first learn about the history of the CESNET association, its current tasks and plans for the coming years. They will also hear contributions from foreign guests. The afternoon, which is devoted to the Network and Network Services section, will then learn about the started upgrade of the CESNET network.
On Wednesday morning, speakers will focus on services and activities in the areas of high-performance computing and data storage. They will present the prospects of the CESNET association in the field of computer and data infrastructure, and the plans of the association's partners, including the national supercomputer centre IT4Innovations. In the afternoon, there will be talk about currently very intense needs: tools for remote work and teaching, audio visual transmissions or distance learning, support for cooperation and multimedia.
The final day is dedicated to digital identities and cyber security.
The complete conference program can be found at https://www.cesnet.cz/akce/konferencecesnet/. At the same place, you can still register for the event free of charge and watch the conference stream.