IT4Innovations is inviting you to a course, Introduction to Machine and Deep Learning, which will be held hybrid (online and onsite) on 29th November 2022.


This course will provide an overview of deep end-to-end learning with the latest version of Tensorflow/Keras. It will cover the basic concepts to define models with Keras and data pipelines with Tensorflow’s „Dataset“ and visualize the results with Tensorboard while training. If training on one node or GPU is insufficient, we will show how to scale up/out distributed training onto multiple compute nodes and GPUs with Horovod. Furthermore, we will introduce scikit-learn, with an overview of different machine learning algorithms it provides and how to utilize them on GPUs with H2O4GPU. The training course will consist of hands-on exercises to be run directly on IT4I's infrastructure.

Level: beginners

Language: English

Obligatory registration via this website. 

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