Masaryk University has become a pioneer in supporting artificial intelligence (AI) and powerful computing technology by installing the latest and most advanced NVIDIA DGX H100 system. This is the first facility of its kind in the entire country, bringing extreme computing power and innovative research capabilities.

The CERIT-SC at Masaryk University and their newly installed NVIDIA DGX H100 system open the door to close collaboration with scientists from across the region through e-INFRA CZ. This prestigious e-infrastructure brings together leading research centres and institutions from the Czech Republic that focus on advanced computing technologies and offers a very powerful facility for research in the field of artificial intelligence.

Featuring the latest NVIDIA Hopper DGX H100 GPU architecture, it has eight advanced NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, each with 80 GB of GPU memory and a total computing power of 32 TeraFLOPS. This enables parallel processing of huge data volumes and significantly accelerates computing tasks. Thanks to the high-performance memory subsystems in the graphics accelerators, it provides fast data access and optimizes performance when working with large datasets. Users can achieve unparalleled efficiency and responsiveness in their AI tasks.

The DGX H100 server comes pre-installed with the NVIDIA DGX software suite, which includes a comprehensive set of deep learning software tools, including pre-configured environments.

CERIT-SC is part of the national e-infrastructure, which is a complex system of interconnected network, computing and storage capacities and related services for the research community in the Czech Republic. With its focus and range of services, CERIT-SC complements two other components of the national e-infrastructure - the CESNET association and the IT4Innovations supercomputing centre.

Scientists connected to e-INFRA CZ have access to the NVIDIA DGX H100 server through the MetaCentre. This collaboration will provide an environment for innovative research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and accelerate progress in areas such as machine learning, big data analytics and AI application development.


✓ Training large models with large card memory
✓ Faster processing of large datasets
✓ Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously


✓ Spoken word analysis
✓ 3D image reconstruction
✓ Detection of neurodegenerative diseases

Supported Frameworks

✓ TensorFlow / Keras
✓ PyTorch / PyTorch Lighting

INFRA CZ is a unique e-infrastructure for research and development in the Czech Republic, which represents a transparent environment providing comprehensive capacity and resources for the transfer, storage and processing of scientific data to all entities engaged in research and development, regardless of the sector in which it is carried out. Thus, it creates a communication, information, storage and computing base for R&D at national and international level and provides a large comprehensive portfolio of ICT services without which modern R&D cannot be realised.