IT4Innovations is inviting you to a course, Parallel Programming with OpenMP, which will be held online on 7th and 8th December 2022.

With the increasing prevalence of multi-core processors, shared-memory programming models are essential. OpenMP is a popular, portable, widely supported, and easy-to-use shared-memory model. The course will improve users' understanding of OpenMP and its new features, to make the best use of this standard on modern computer architectures. The workshop will cover optimizations for NUMA architectures, SIMD, and accelerator programming in OpenMP. Several of the topics, tools, and/or hands-on exercises will be presented that support users in their programs' performance and correctness analysis.

Level: 1st day beginner, 2nd day advanced. You can choose to attend both or just one of the days.

Language: English

Tutor: Georg Zitzlsberger

Obligatory registration via this website. 

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