The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (hereinafter EuroHPC JU) is part of the portfolio of implementation tools of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon Europe (2021-2027). Its purpose is to concentrate the investments made by European countries and the European Commission in research, development and innovation of supercomputing technologies, to increase them to the necessary level - compared to other global macro-regions - and to strengthen the capacities and competencies of European research organisations and enterprises to develop state-of-the-art HPC systems for the European research and industrial sector and to increase Europe's international competitiveness on a global scale so that the EU research and industrial sector is not primarily dependent on non-European suppliers of supercomputing technologies.

In accordance with its work programme, EuroHPC JU announces calls for proposals for international cooperation projects in research, development and innovation to strengthen the research and innovation competencies of European research organisations and industrial enterprises active in high-performance computing or supercomputing. 

The calls for project proposals and the full text of the work programme of the EuroHPC JU are available on the EuroHPC JU website, including the specification of eligibility criteria for project participants recruited from research institutions and industrial enterprises in the Czech Republic.  

Funding of international R&D&I projects approved for support under the EuroHPC JU is based on funding from the Member countries and a contribution from the European Commission. Support to successful Czech participants in EuroHPC projects that are approved for funding based on an international peer-review evaluation is granted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, as the national provider in the Czech Republic, in accordance with the possibilities of the Czech state budget. 

More information can be found on the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports website