We would like to invite you to the Workshop on Quantum Computing: Hybrid Systems, which will be held online on 25th November 2022.

The practical use of quantum computer requires the creation of so-called Hybrid System, which (in simplified terms) includes not only a quantum computer but also a classical one. This is because a quantum computer is only suitable for the key part of the task in which it has exponential acceleration, and therefore a classical computer is needed to prepare the input data and process the output data. Thus, Hybrid Systems are essential for any application of quantum computing.

Date: 25th November 2022, 9am – 12pm
Registration deadline: 23rd November 2022
Venue: online using Zoom
Tutors: Xavier Geoffret (IQM, Finland), Cyril Allouche (ATOS, France), Petr Zapletal (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)

Language: English

Level: Advanced

For more information please visit the workshop web page or contact us at training@it4i.cz.